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Jan 2016
Jan 11 2016 13:02
Well, if return method_exists(AbstractType::class, 'getBlockPrefix') ? FormType::class : 'form'; in the getExtendedType() is the only thing that needs to be added, I would say go for it
actually, it's a little bit more than that: form aliases, using form type, ...

with "a little" effort

This is not anymore valid :)... it might be annoying

Jan 11 2016 13:08
I know I introduced many BCBreak fo 2.8 and 3.0 compatibility. But the thing is: all these bundles are not (yet) released: I think we could so make these BC Break. I'm open to any discussion, let me know if you think all of this IS annoying
My objectives are to validate 2.8 & 3.0 compatibilty
then create released tags
(and bugfix / complete the documentation then)
Bob van de Vijver
Jan 11 2016 13:57
I'm okay with that
If anyone does not use 2.8 or higher yet, than they should fix that or use an older tag
Jan 11 2016 14:05