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May 2017
May 28 2017 19:03
I've faced some weird error while using Generator bundle
Argument 3 passed to Admingenerator\GeneratorBundle\Guesser\DoctrineFieldGuesser::__construct() must be of the type array, none given, called in appDevDebugProjectContainer.php
I know here without any further information it is long way shoot, but maybe anyone of you have seen it before
my version is v2.1.0
Bob van de Vijver
May 28 2017 20:15
Hmm, I believe I've indeed seen it before
Basically, you probably have an error in your config.yml, which probably contains an empty form_types array specific for the doctrine ORM. (guessing you're using the ORM).
Bob van de Vijver
May 28 2017 20:21
So, check your config.yml @rdziaduszsoi, mine looks like this:
admingenerator_generator: # Admingenerator configuration
      entity:       Admingenerator\FormExtensionsBundle\Form\Type\Select2EntityType
(shortened off course). You can also omit the complete form_types, then you should have the defaults. Might also be that a simple complete cache clear solves your problem.
May 28 2017 21:37
thank you very much for your response
I've impleented your solution by removing form_types, yet it does not help. Here is my part of config.yml
    # choose and enable at least one
    use_propel:           false
    use_doctrine_orm:     false
    use_doctrine_odm:     true

    # add this line if you want to use assetic
    base_admin_template: AppBundle::base_uncompressed.html.twig

    dashboard_route: admin_dashboard

    logout_route: fos_user_security_logout   

    knp_menu_alias: admin_menu