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Mar 2016
Shivam Vats
Mar 16 2016 09:14
Hi everyone!
Ashutosh Saboo
Mar 16 2016 09:39
Hello everyone! :smile:
Sergey B Kirpichev
Mar 16 2016 18:17
@asmeurer, what do you mean by "your tone" and why do you think that I'm "not interested in actually contributing"? Could you explain?
Aaron Meurer
Mar 16 2016 18:38
@skirpichev you said that you don’t want to be an author. That means that you aren’t interested in contributing.
Sergey B Kirpichev
Mar 16 2016 21:18

@asmeurer, "be an author" sounds different for me: "are you ready to put your name on some article we wrote?" Answer "no" - seems to be only option here.

On another hand, if it was an invitation to discuss the article content first...

BTW, I doubt your action will depend on my yes/no answers. Someone must be banned just to make you happy, right?

Aaron Meurer
Mar 16 2016 21:57
You are right that your being blocked has nothing to do with whether or not you are an author. It has to do with your conduct.
Your comments on the issue, combined with the lack of good faith that you already have shown that you should be given, show to me (and others have agreed), that you are not interested in constructively participating in this effort. And the fact that you aren’t even interested in being an author (which Ondřej did offer you, in good faith), just furthers this.
Ondřej Čertík
Mar 16 2016 22:10
For reference, here is where I asked Sergey if he wants to be among authors: