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Jun 2014
Sudhanshu Mishra
Jun 22 2014 17:24
@flacjacket Should I name this function something else? debugger22/sympy@152b711
Sean Vig
Jun 22 2014 20:39
hmm, maybe something like refraction_angle?
snellslaw isn't the greatest, since what it is doing is computing the angle of refraction, even though it is using Snell's law
as a side note, it'd be interesting if that could take an incident TWave and return the refracted and reflected waves
though that may be better suited as a class method for TWave
Sudhanshu Mishra
Jun 22 2014 21:46
Sudhanshu Mishra
Jun 22 2014 23:02
Please merge this if you find this complete sympy/sympy#7580
My current PR and some future PRs depend on it