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Repo info
  • Sep 12 01:39

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function


  • Sep 11 12:19

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    Implemented leading term and ns… (compare)

  • Sep 10 03:21

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    made changes (compare)

  • Sep 08 06:28

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    added tests for leading terms f… (compare)

  • Sep 08 03:43

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    Changed the outputs being retur… (compare)

  • Sep 07 09:34

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    Changed leading term being ret… (compare)

  • Sep 07 07:27

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    Removed Redundant block from le… (compare)

  • Sep 07 02:44

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.3_Implementing_some_series_method_for_uppergamma_lowergamma_expint_and_other_errors_functions

    Implemented some series methods… (compare)

  • Sep 06 16:44

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    Removed Order term (compare)

  • Sep 06 11:39

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    added test cases for limits and… (compare)

  • Sep 06 10:51

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.2_Implementing_leading_term_and_series_methods_for_the_frac_function

    Implemented leading term and ns… (compare)

  • Sep 06 10:40

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions


  • Sep 06 04:13

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions

    This commit does the following … Refactored mrv_leadterm in grun… Fixed errors arising for limits… and 3 more (compare)

  • Sep 06 02:08

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions

    fix(integrals): handle degenera… functions: Generalised Dirichle… author: update Megan Ly in .mai… and 23 more (compare)

  • Sep 05 14:16

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions

    Changed if condition for bessel… (compare)

  • Sep 05 02:49

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions

    Improved code quality (compare)

  • Sep 03 10:24

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions

    changed is function to equality… (compare)

  • Sep 03 10:14

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions

    fixed failing tests (compare)

  • Sep 01 12:23

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions

    Fixed code quality (compare)

  • Sep 01 12:00

    anutosh491 on GSoC_Pr4.1_Implementing_few_series_methods_for_bessel_functions

    Added case where number of term… (compare)

Atharv Gulati
Hi Can anyone help me setting up the dev environment and contributing
1 reply
Parth Tripathi
Hi everyone,
Is anyone familiar with the benchmarking?
Benjamin Sampson
Trying to use the parse_latex function in a Jupyter notebook, I've installed antlr4-python3-runtime
I get the error NoneType is not callable on LatexLexer
3 replies
Michael J Gruber

Hi there, novice SymPy user here. (Starting to use it as part of teaching maths at a uni.) Before posting this as an issue: I suspect that log_to_real() does not quite convert complex logarithms to real functions with the same derivative, and - consequently - some anti-derivatives in the real domain are not real.
The issue seems to be that it uses SymPy's log, which is the prinicipal complex branch extended from the left upper quadrant to the negative half-axis, in other words: log(-1) = I*pi. In particular:

x = symbols("x", real=True)
integrate(1/x, x)
integrate(1/x, x).subs(x, -1)

This seems to come from the fact that log_to_real() returns log for log, which is not a real function having the same derivative: That would be log(abs). Both functions differ by a locally (!) constant non-real function and (thus) have the same derivative. Only log(abs) is a real function.
Now, SymPy is either not really happy with abs or I'm holding it wrong:

diff(log(abs(x)), x)

And this should simplify to 1/x (in the reals) but does not. Are my assumptions wrong?

4 replies
Hi Can anyone help me,How to build a vector field from data?
Yashvardhan Prasad
Can anyone tell me how to find the correct stacklevel?

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble preventing expressions with brackets getting evaluated, would greatly appreciate any help on this issue thread on github


Mislav Blažević
Why doesn't sympy simplify exp(-4*t)**(3/4) into exp(-3*t)? What am i not seeing here?
John Klein
nice. I can recommend a great wildtornado, for a great time out.
Happy to announce that Mathlive is integrated into SymPy Beta!
2 replies
Should I be able to feed a generator into sympy's Tuple?
I just get some long winded message about string conversions are deprecated.
Guen Prawiroatmodjo
Hey @asmeurer we were wondering if an Operator should a Symbol or not
right now it's an Expr
<nvm we answered our own question>
Screenshot from 2022-07-17 00-43-01.png
Initial NL input support is added to SymPy Beta!
1 reply
Check https://github.com/eagleoflqj/sympy_beta/blob/master/kernel/test/test_translate.py to see what's supported now, and submit issue or PR if you want more!
Gerry Fletcher
Hello :) What steps would I take to evaluate if an expression is in its simplified form? I figured str(a) == str(simplify(a)), but that won't work due to reordering. For example, x2 gets reordered as 2x.
Rainer Dorsch
I just started with sympy, and try to understand how to tell sympy, what I want. I tried
print(sympy.solvers.inequalities.reduce_rational_inequalities([[x + 2 > 0],[x < 5]], x))
and expected
(-2 < x) & (x < 5)
but got
(-oo < x) & (x < oo)
Can anybody tell how I can tell sympy that x should satisfy both inequalities the same time?
For me it seems sympy rather interprets the set of equations rather as an "or" and not an "and"
Saksham Singh
Hello! I am Saksham. I am new to this channel. I am familiar with python and would love to make contributions to this project. Can anyone help me get started? Thank You
Eduardo Ochs
Hi all, I need some help to port this way of drawing objects as trees - http://angg.twu.net/eev-maxima.html#luatree - from Maxima to SymPy... in Maxima if o is an object that is not an atom then op(o) returns its "operator" and args(o) returns its list of arguments - see: https://maxima.sourceforge.io/docs/manual/maxima_33.html#index-args
How do I do something similar to "op" and "args" in SymPy? Thanks in advance...
Eduardo Ochs
@jksuom, that's exactly what I needed! Thanks! =)
Eduardo Ochs
Hi all, I am trying to port this - http://angg.twu.net/eev-maxima.html#luatree - to sympy... I tried a bit a few days ago, but then I got busy, and I'm resuming now.
In maxima I can test if an expression e is an "atom" by running atom(e). The expressions on which I can run "op" and "args" - that correspond to "func" and "args" in sympy - exactly the ones on which op(e) return false.
How do I translate atom(e) to sympy?
Isuru Fernando
Eduardo Ochs
@isuruf, thanks! =)
I have this expression with h>1: simplify(sqrt(h-1)sqrt(h+1)sqrt(h**2-1))
I'm not sure how to express h>1, so I did is_positive in it's definition. Should this expression simplify to remove the sqrt?
Christopher Smith
@aplund:matrix.org , try var('p',positive=1);eq.subs(h,1+p).simplify().subs(p,h-1).expand() to get h**2 - 1
Is this a bug in collect: collect(yx - y + z, y) vs collect(yx - y + z, x-1)
Buck Evan
Would it be worthwhile to attempt to use sympy to represent the symbols and reduction rules of a formal programming language?
Parth Tripathi
Is anyone here aware of how to run a single commit in asv?
Hi all, I am trying to create analysis tools for the sympy. So here are something I want to replicate, I want to use the Lp norm, how can I get | f|_{L^p} as in Latex, where f is the Function, and p is a Symbol?
Eduardo Ochs

Hi all, I am trying to port this - http://angg.twu.net/eev-maxima.html#luatree - from Maxima to SymPy. Most of the work is done, but I need some help to write a function "isatom" that works correctly... here is how it should work: after running this,

from sympy import Function, Symbol, dsolve
f = Function('f')
x = Symbol('x')
od = f(x).diff(x, x) + f(x)

then isatom(5), isatom("foo"), isatom(x), and isatom(f) should all return True, but isatom(od) should return False...

This almost works:

from sympy import Function, Symbol, AtomicExpr
isatom = lambda o: isinstance(o, int) or isinstance(o, str) or isinstance(o, AtomicExpr)

but in the test above f is an "UndefinedFunction", and all my attempts to make a version of isatom that recognizes UndefinedFunctions as atoms have failed. Any hints?...

Eduardo Ochs
It's working! Sorry for the noise! =) =) =)
Eduardo Ochs
Hi all, another basic question related to my attempt to port some code from Maxima to SymPy... Maxima has an overwhelming amount of ways to control how expressions should be simplified, and we can "quote" some subexpressions of bigger expressions to indicate that they should not be simplified. Is it possible to do something like that in SymPy? I've just grepped all the .rst docs of SymPy for words like "quote", and I only got some results related to quoting in strings... What are the keywords that I should search for?
I want to contribute to Sympy. I don't know how to contribute can anybody help me to contribute
Kalevi Suominen
I have cloned the project on my local machine and it is not running correctly it is showing only folders on the website instead of a complete web page