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Nov 2015
Maruthavanan Subbaryan
Nov 05 2015 17:24
Even though pretty new things to me on UI end. how one would compare pheonixframework and N2O?
Alex Popov
Nov 05 2015 18:06
@marutha The obvious difference is that Phoenix written in Elixir, not Erlang. Phoenix is trying to cater to developers familiar with Ruby on Rails and Django and implements MVC on the server side. As such, it provides an Ecto database mapper for SQL backends and supports Postegres out of the box. Its something like ORM for non-object oriented language like Elixir. Ecto maps your program domain types to database entities and helps generate queries. Other than using websockets for communication with the browser, the two frameworks are very different. N2O code base is also much smaller: 1.5 KLOC vs 14.7 KLOC of Erlang/Elixir, or 2.2 KLOC vs 16 KLOC total. Choose your poison.
Namdak Tonpa
Nov 05 2015 21:20
I'd say if you struggle to use SQL maybe KVS is not yours.
But if you're really think that SQL server is overhead for your app than KVS will satisfy you, I promise.
as for web part chose what your performance is best.
technically all web frameworks are more or less equalized.
you can implement with N2O anything you can implement with any other web framework, including FRP like Elm, etc.
I created N2O for my use case and my performance.
Also we have statistical information and feedback from trainees.
who already using N2O and we can measure their performance/tasks and issues per task.
mostly they are from java world.
Namdak Tonpa
Nov 05 2015 21:26
so I'm sure that N2O provides most performance for tasks implementation, fixing and other code related indicators.
can say nothing about Phoenix, saw their code though
as for me they have unneeded gen_servers
I have one stop generic gen_server for all N2O — n2o_async
sessions, page and other handlers are working entirely in websocket cowboy processes so N2O can't introduce additional overhead and complexity here.
but ingeneral Phoenix is clean enough to make it public.
what I can't say about ChicagoBoss and Nitrogen, they just not stable enough.
you can use it in cites.