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Nov 2015
Oleg Zinchenko
Nov 17 2015 07:58

слил их вместе и закинул на медиум

@m-2k Маг, ссылку давай

Nov 17 2015 08:00
fxmy wang
Nov 17 2015 11:01
Hey guys, n2o seems use a lot of process dictionaries. Just curious, any design decision behind this? ;)
Maruthavanan Subbaryan
Nov 17 2015 15:38
Can we do something like code "wf:update("container", #'div'{id="container", body=#dtl{file="content", app=gateway, bindings=[]}});"code? I mean update container with DTL?
Nov 17 2015 15:44
Say me what u do
wf:update(container, wf:jse(#dtl{})).
Use escaping for \n and \' characters
Also see wf:html_encode/1
Maruthavanan Subbaryan
Nov 17 2015 16:20
I am just trying to update the div element with id=container with template content.html
my app is gateway.
Maruthavanan Subbaryan
Nov 17 2015 16:37
Go it I should have used
wf:update(container, wf:jse(wf:render(#dtl{file="content", app="gateway", bindings=[]})));