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Nov 2015
Namdak Tonpa
Nov 22 2015 15:26
@sokal32 давай пропихнем, я за
позже гляну что там надо сделать
Cody Boppert
Nov 22 2015 17:28
Hello all
Just curious about setting up N2O to go live. Do I need this mad file? Or can I compile my own application? I'd just like to see my ubuntu 14.04 server accept a simple connectiong
and then I can probably go from there. Although right now I'm getting an error when I'm trying to run ./mad deps compile plan repl (undefined function: yecc). So I'm definitely missing something somewhere
But otherwise excited to start working in Erlang again. It's been a while, but I enjoy using the language
Nov 22 2015 17:34
Install erlang via kerl
Cody Boppert
Nov 22 2015 17:39
hey m-2k, I have erl OTP 18
I haven't used kerl to do it yet though
Cody Boppert
Nov 22 2015 18:08
I'll be back gonna eat
thanks Andy