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Nov 2015
Oleg Zinchenko
Nov 30 2015 09:28

cool AstRonin, everyone who will start n2o in production auto receive private support forall synrc apps

I can confirm that @5HT provides erl and n2o stack, lightning fast and relevant support

@AstRonin not sure that you need some king of Erl support, but for me as noob++ it was very useful
Nov 30 2015 12:58
@cystbear I glad to hear this, because any help in erlang is never superfluous :)
Vitaly Shutko
Nov 30 2015 19:19
написал либу для работы с bert в swift, если вдруг кому нужно
Namdak Tonpa
Nov 30 2015 23:08
поставил звезду