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May 2016
Maruthavanan Subbaryan
May 21 2016 09:05
I have imported my source code in github, can some one guide what I am missing? the problem is describe above..
The button on loing page is not triggering any event.
fxmy wang
May 21 2016 15:31

hi @marutha , browser complains

n2o.js:9Uncaught ReferenceError: transition is not defined(anonymous function) @ n2o.js:9
Uncaught SyntaxError: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': The URL 'ws://undefined:undefined/ws/login' is invalid.

move right after <body> in line 8 fixes your problem

Looks like a javascript magical scope issue, but then again I'm far from familiar with js, so.... :dizzy_face:
Maruthavanan Subbaryan
May 21 2016 16:26
@fxmy thanks for spotting that out.
But it would be great if some one could explain the magical reason behind it.