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Jun 2016
Andrii Sergiienko
Jun 09 2016 13:01
"Есть для Erlang нормальные библиотеки, которые реализуют популярные структуры данных" - это как?
Oleg Zinchenko
Jun 09 2016 17:32

Не люблю я php ... быдловатый он какой-то

сам ты быдловатый @goti2

Matti Katila
Jun 09 2016 19:03
why "All Features in One snippet" does not contain routing, sample.erl uses points() -> cowboyrouter:compile([{'', and mad sample uses route(<<"index">>) -> index; how can there be so many different routing mechanismes on small examples?
Jun 09 2016 20:54
@mudyc The routes in cowboy_router are set for all apps. They setup the paths for the system. The routes in the routes module are optional, but used to control specific routes for specific pages in your site. If you do not set a route module like that in sys.config, then the system will match based on the names of the modules dynamically. The routs module is an extension of the cowboy_router and should manage the n2o_stream and n2o_cowboy endpoints.