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Sep 2016
Alex Popov
Sep 27 2016 22:48
I was wondering if I could get some help with an N2O issue. (I can't write well in Russian, but I can read it fine)
We just set up N2O on Ubuntu 14.04 in a university-provided VM, and our minimal page refreshes over and over again. As a starter project, we only route to page_index here:
and the master template is super simple as well:
Is there any recommendation you guys can give, or is there another avenue I can pursue to try and debug this?
Namdak Tonpa
Sep 27 2016 23:52
please upload your example on github
this would be far faster
I will take a look immediately
there is no reason to cut your project unless you have sensitive data/code (which I believe you haven't)
Cloudup is bullshit :-)