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Nov 2016
Maruthavanan Subbaryan
Nov 09 2016 13:57
To build an SPA, we need some routing logics for #/path/to/address?foo=foo&bar=bar, I was to send events to server when thsi changes so taht I can render the view. we can may use jquery, which I do not want to use, Any built in with N2O, Also how can I send events for thsi #hashChanges from browser to erlang server? Please provide me some inputs or ideas
Nov 09 2016 15:17
See (erlach.min.js, history keywords)
a) send state object from server when page loaded into history api
b) send state object to server if history api raised
Maruthavanan Subbaryan
Nov 09 2016 16:22
At least I am not following this site
I cannot see anything related to javascript or history, tried translating as well but could not find some relevant info, can you please share me the exact url?