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Nov 2016
Nov 22 2016 00:10
@m-2k @5HT sorry , I mean that <a id="XXX" name="name"> ,the server page code like #link { id=XXX, name= <<"name">>, postback=chat, source=[XXX] }
@m-2k I found the code example awalys use textarea for source[]
fxmy wang
Nov 22 2016 13:47
try like this: #link { id=XXX, name= <<"name">>, postback={chat, {id, XXX}}, source=[SourceYouWant] } @xiufan
Namdak Tonpa
Nov 22 2016 14:34
you can use ANY element for source
Nov 22 2016 15:15
@fxmy ,thank you . it work .
@5HT "By providing source elements list you specify HTML controls values
sent to the server and accessed with wf:q accessor from the page
context." if the element is #link ,what is the wf:q accessor value?
Nov 22 2016 15:22
just like this #link { id=myid, name= <<"name">>, postback=chat, body= <<"test">>,source=[myid] } wf
wf:q(myid) ?