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Mar 2017
Sébastien Saint-Sevin
Mar 01 2017 10:38
I'm trying the XHR fallback mechanism as some of our clients have ws disabled
It's seems to be ok for direct postback events
however, when I delegate the callback to some internal erlang server that replies back to the client using {server, ....} message, the latter are getting lost and nothing is getting to the client
is there any polling somewhere I missed to get it running ?
Namdak Tonpa
Mar 01 2017 22:00
we need to spawn additional n2o_async process per XHR session
it could be done near n2o_stream
n2o_xhr.erl server just like n2o protocols
I expect 5-10 LOC for this, no more
@cystbear твой код работать не будет и не должен
Mar 01 2017 22:03