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Mar 2017
Cody Boppert
Mar 25 2017 09:31
Hello, I'm trying to set up nginx as a reverse proxy for the sample application provided by the N2O repository
Unfortunately I'm getting "escript: exception error: enoent" on my Ubuntu 16.06 box
Has anyone seen this before?
It's the function open_port/2. It seems to be called with a tuple and a vector maybe?
{spawn_executable, false}, [...]
Cody Boppert
Mar 25 2017 09:40
Seems like this doesn't exist "args,["/home/ubuntu/n2o/samples/deps/sh/c_src/fdlink.c""
And that's an SMS service? Weird. I can't seem to find anything reliable on google (much less duck duck go)
Cody Boppert
Mar 25 2017 10:40
Ah shit I think it worked! Alright!
Namdak Tonpa
Mar 25 2017 10:53
escript: exception error: enoent
means you have broken erlang installation
if /home/ubuntu/n2o/samples/deps/sh/c_src/fdlink.c is not exists means you haven't done mad dep correctly
could be because of absense of git
Cody Boppert
Mar 25 2017 11:19
thanks @5HT what is fdlink.c?
Mar 25 2017 13:37
а в n2o нет логера уровня debug, это так и должно быть или забыли добавить? или info и есть в общем-то debug ?