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May 2017
May 12 2017 13:40
снес и заново, теперь -
elixir@ruta:~/n2o/samples$ make start
ERL_LIBS=apps:deps run_erl -daemon rels/web/devbox/ rels/web/devbox/logs/ "exec make console"
elixir@ruta:~/n2o/samples$ make attach
to_erl rels/web/devbox/
No running Erlang on pipe rels/web/devbox/erlang.pipe: No such file or directory recipe for target 'attach' failed
make: *** [attach] Error 1
May 12 2017 13:52
убей все beam процессы и набери make console
May 12 2017 13:55
понял, убил два beam на каких-то левых портах - и получилось! ура! спасибо)
Sébastien Saint-Sevin
May 12 2017 16:50
@namdak as far as I read, lastest nitro commits for MQTT will break legacy n2o apps
what are your plan on nitro ? going the MQTT route or you want to maintain both at the same time ?
for instance in element_upload, n2o:render is not defined for legacy n2o apps.
the latest commits also introduced some code duplication
between nitro_conv and nitro (html_encode, etc...)
May 12 2017 17:05
Wait for stable release and use 2.4 tag
Keep calm and use 2.4!
Sébastien Saint-Sevin
May 12 2017 17:06
I'm very calm. I just ask to know how to use it. I've modifications to bring to it so would like to know where to do it
So, I will use my fork for that
Namdak Tonpa
May 12 2017 18:38
all synrc releases have tags
so just use latests tags in your prod
latest nitro should be compatible with prev releases
the exception for future releases is exclusion of wf: namespace
starting from 4.5 we introduce breaking changes with n2o: namespace (root module) for API
so wf: would be removed from examples, etc.
don't know when all of it happens, we have only master version of MQTT version of n2o
anway — JUST USE LATEST TAGGED VERSION — and you won't have any problems