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Apr 2019
Namdak Tonpa
Apr 10 08:09
Hi, Martin!
In order to create new processes, you need to create simple file and put in in your application folder. Let's say you create your own application called helo, then helo\src is default folder for source according to OTP structure. So technically you can place the file at any place under src, but also you can follow our structure to group files inside src folder as we did inside bpe application you mentioned: pages, forms, processes or actors, etc.
As for newcomer I would suggest reading OTP principles or at least know which structures mad is support:
Namdak Tonpa
Apr 10 08:14
BPE admin is an example for developers how to create NITRO application in conjunction with BPE.
So BPE is not a SAP/R3 final system but rather development library for developers, so it's better to know Erlang to understand motivations behind the tools.
Namdak Tonpa
Apr 10 08:23
So BPE ADMIN is not a full featured admin but an example to show how to build NITRO apps that works with BPE processes. More yet to come this month.
Martin Rodriguez
Apr 10 21:28
I going to review in detail the source code and manuals, and I will be aware of what comes. Thank you!