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    @adocampo great, you managed to get a working sysPass environment!, That is so because some resource links are built based on the request, and nginx is talking to sysPass in plain HTML, so it will build an http link. You would need to force Https on sysPass to build Https links instead
    @EdgeKing810 it seems a dependency resolution issue, please file an issue on GitHub
    @TheAlex88 please file an issue and attach the relevant messages from syspass.log. It seems that some users don't have any valid email address or maybe they don't meet filter requirements (password must not be blank and user is not disabled)
    @/all this group is intended to make more agile issues handling by not spamming GitHub issue log when testing, though issues should be created there to keep tracking it. Thanks!
    Lucas Camilo

    @lukecamilo it's the expected behaviour indeed, since LDAP import feature is only one-time import and objects created won't be linked to ADS objects, why? Because LDAP is only used for authentication and not for authorization, since sysPass has its own ACL engine.

    Would it be possible to use ldap for authorization? in bigger environments it would be much easier (and cleaner) to manage, mostly by using groups, as it would be faster/simpler to automate

    Hey all!
    Just tried to install using hosting mode, but getting this error: upon login :An exception occured
    Please contact to the administrator
    Is there a posted fix for this issue?
    Hey, I'm trying to install SysPass on a Windows 10 Machine (WAMP), I'm not able to load the installation. Can someone provide a guide for that?
    Hello, I have installed SysPass with Docker and connected HAProxy as reverse proxy (with offloading). Why do I get the warning in the bar below that the communication is running over HTTP?
    I'll stay online if anyone has an idea, just let me know.
    Hi, does sysPass upgrade increase version nummer in database table version every time?
    Anyone able to install latest version on Windows or Linux (Apache)??
    I want to use Japanese syspass. How can i translate Japanese?
    Probably a stupid newbie question, but... how do you configure syspass to write to a remote syslog server? I see it mentioned in the documentation it is an option, but no info on configuration? If there is a site I should look at, please point me there. Thanks.
    Hi everyone! Is there the possibility to authenticate user with "login with Google", maybe restricted to a Gsuite domain?
    Hello @nuxsmin good day.
    I am documenting the sypass software that we use in our company. I would like to know what development methodology you use for the sypass. regards
    Hello I have been using this application for some time and I must say that I find it really fantastic, the only thing that I have not been able to configure correctly is access via SSO, does anyone have a guide for the correct configuration? I can easily get access through ldap identification but the single sign on just doesn't want to work. The most frustrating thing is that there is no trace of errors in the logs even when debugging is enabled.
    doesnt look like this is very hoppin
    how to authenticate syspass against ldap
    any help appreciated am new to syspass
    sorry, support is weak. I already consider to change software...
    hi guys, I need some help
    i try to use the latest docker syspass and it can't connect my DB
    I can connect to with the username + pwd what I configure in the syspass at installation page.
    is there anyone who meets similar issue?
    here is the issue about it: nuxsmin/docker-syspass#49
    Angel Docampo
    hi there guys, I'm using syspass 3.1, and I see latest version is 3.2.1, is there any guide to upgrade? I have currently a lot of passwords there, and I don't want to break anything, yet I'm on virtual machine, so I can do a snapshot just before upgrading
    I cannot find any documentation on upgrading, @nuxsmin is there any and am I blind?
    Hi, I just installed using Docker Compose but the ip address is for the app. The docker container is on a linux box. I can ping my linux box but not the container. How can I get to the web gui from an outside machine? It is only usable from the linux machine.
    Can you help me or guide me on the best way to do a CRON job?
    Angel Docampo

    Hi, I just installed using Docker Compose but the ip address is for the app. The docker container is on a linux box. I can ping my linux box but not the container. How can I get to the web gui from an outside machine? It is only usable from the linux machine.

    those are docker basics, you need to map the published docker container port into to the host, if you are in the CLI, use the parameter -p, for example, to publish the port 80, should be something like -p 80:80

    Christian Leonardo Idarraga

    hello good evening I would like to ask you how I can change appearance and / or colors, I have already searched and I have tried to change the css but I have not been able to minify it I am a little newbie. can you help me.

    Excuse my English.

    Hi, I'm almost done setting up sysPass and would like to do SSO with Google's SSO solution. Can you please tell me if this is possible? Great project btw. Thanks