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Sep 2016
Max Funk
Sep 06 2016 01:56
The contract with Denis was cancelled after 0 tasks were completed in 12 days, and no response to the code review request after 4 days. Cancelled with Paul and Thomas also. This outcome is common among freelancers with zero history. systemaccounting/mxfactorial#57 was merged and deployed to production.
Max Funk
Sep 06 2016 02:46
@klishevich Please continue with T381, T241, T397, then T396. In short, you're only adding the expirationDateInputField to the passwordApproveTransactionPopup, then stripping some properties from the client's POST /transact request which has a dependency on your new debit and credit buttons.
Mike Klishevich
Sep 06 2016 03:40