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Dec 2014
Adam Stankiewicz
Dec 29 2014 00:23
@guybedford Following fiddle illustrates my problem:
Because of mentioned normalization, script is loaded from /static/lib/components/slider.js instead /static/components/slider.js
Adam Stankiewicz
Dec 29 2014 00:40
It seems deps are relative to baseURL, not app.js
What is OK, I guess, but any amount of ../ gets stripped
Adam Stankiewicz
Dec 29 2014 00:49
require.js seems to interpret it properly
Adam Stankiewicz
Dec 29 2014 01:47
I submitted PR with fix
Guy Bedford
Dec 29 2014 13:17
I've added the changes you need here
I can't get it to save a fork for some reason
but set:
baseURL: '/static/'
map: { app: 'lib/app' }
meta: { app: { deps: ['../components/slider'] } }
module names can't go below the baseURL
RequireJS handles it by storing module names as "../../some/path"
in the registry
but we don't do that in SystemJS
next version, will use URLs as module IDs
then won't be a problem
Adam Stankiewicz
Dec 29 2014 14:23
Yeah, I know how to fix it. I'm just porting existing app that uses RequireJS and I'm reporting inconsistency.