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Jan 2015
Lars Francke
Jan 09 2015 12:28
Hi! Can anyone enlighten me what CSP means (as in systemjs-csp.js)? I can't find any documentation and issue #206 has been closed without adding any. If I understand the documentation correctly it adds the scriptLoader extension, yes?
Guy Bedford
Jan 09 2015 12:35
yes exactly
but it requires a custom workflow
to precompile all modules into a "wrapped" format like AMD
I'd suggest looking at bundle-sfx rather
for extension development
as that workflow is straightforward
you can disable source maps to speed up the build for a development workflow
Lars Francke
Jan 09 2015 12:40

Thanks for the answer. I didn't mean documentation but Makefile earlier btw.

I'm new to all of this and will now try and understand what you just said and might be back with more questions :)

One I have already: bundle-sfx seems to be a jspm thing (haven't looked into that yet but it's up next) how does it relate to the SystemJS Builder

I'm looking at these two pages:

Guy Bedford
Jan 09 2015 13:58
bundle-sfx is a jspm command that calls the bundle-sfx API of SystemJS builder.
it makes it one line CLI instead of custom code
but feel free to use custom build tasks too
sure, no problem at all... working on improving docs all the time, good to know where the gaps are
Jan 09 2015 14:00
@guybedford so I noticed you have a asset-graph and a builder project. Whats the different between the two? is there a better one we should use ?
Nick HS
Jan 09 2015 17:08
I'm just starting out with JSPM - though doing jspm install react and then require('react'); in my entry point for some reason is not loading React into the window, though I can see the XHR requests being made for all the React files?