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Jan 2015
Justin Meyer
Jan 23 2015 03:55
@guybedford Do you have the old, parsing version of AMD?
Guy Bedford
Jan 23 2015 08:36
@justinbmeyer not sure what you're asking?
@benmonro perhaps you're asking how to use npm / Node modules in SystemJS? jspm handles this conversion.
Ben Monro
Jan 23 2015 08:46
@guybedford no I mean like any browserify bundle. It's easy to make one. Just any cjs file with exports run through the browserify cli.
Guy Bedford
Jan 23 2015 08:49
right - yes there's no way to load browserify bundles in systemjs
systemjs has its own bundling format
Guy Bedford
Jan 23 2015 10:07
@benmonro alternatively browserify bundles are best loaded as globals?
Justin Meyer
Jan 23 2015 21:21
@guybedford you mentioned that an earlier version of the amd extension used parsing instead of running the code
Is that correct? I briefly looked for it, but couldn't find it in SystemJS's history
Also, how could a parsing version work with bundles?
I noticed the loader.register(name, define.deps, false, define.execute);
Justin Meyer
Jan 23 2015 21:35
I suppose, one way I could handle this would be to have my extension only handle a single named define
to pick up UMD style stuff on the server, and fall through to SystemJS's AMD if otherwise
Jared Forsyth
Jan 23 2015 21:49
jspm install react is failing on me -- has anyone else seen this? error