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Feb 2015
Joe Pea
Feb 07 2015 06:15
@guybedford Do you happen to know, is an ES6 Module only evaluated once in an application, the result cached? Or is there an official way in the spec to re-evaluate modules?
Guy Bedford
Feb 07 2015 11:23
modules are evaluated once and stored in the loader registry. You can delete them from the registry with System.delete(moduleName), and then if you try and load the module again it would execute again. It is generally not advisable to do this, as it can be some work to make that function into useful scenarios
Matthew Phillips
Feb 07 2015 14:01
I want to revisit loading SystemJS through SystemJS. I can't remember where we left off with this, was there an issue?
Essentially I want systemjs to be a dependency of one of my libraries.
I'm not sure if it should just return global.System
or create a new System (probably the latter)
but I'd like to work on this issue
cc @guybedford
Matthew Phillips
Feb 07 2015 14:07
Ok, I started a new issue: systemjs/systemjs#344
Cody Lundquist
Feb 07 2015 17:02
With regards to the system-builder, has anyone tried using it to build an arbitrary number of applications? I have one main app that consumes a number of smaller apps. Each of those apps (and the main app) share a lot of dependencies. So I want to use intersectTrees, subtractTrees, etc to build the main app and each of the smaller apps.
I would have a list of the names of the smaller apps to loop through, though.
Justin Meyer
Feb 07 2015 23:08
@meenie might want to look at steal-tools
It does this automatically