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Feb 2015
Sam Seay
Feb 10 2015 00:07
@davismj have you looked at the systemjs builder? I found that using it works really well for a system js project versus using browserify.
also @davismj I'd be keen to help more by looking at the code in question but it looks like its private or the link doesn't exist on github
Marjan Georgiev
Feb 10 2015 17:39
has anyone tried plugin-css 0.1.3 in combination with systemjs-builder 0.7.3? Bundles with modules which import css files no longer seem to be built
Guy Bedford
Feb 10 2015 19:24
@marjan-georgiev are you using SystemJS builder without jspm? If so then yes there would be an error. I've pushed a correction to master to make the plugin work in SystemJS without jspm, with no changes - will publish a release shortly.
Guy Bedford
Feb 10 2015 19:47
@marjan-georgiev I've pushed plugin-css@0.1.4 for support outside jspm, and noted this in the usage documentation -