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Feb 2015
Justin Meyer
Feb 11 2015 00:11
@guybedford I think I've found a problem in ES6ML (maybe SystemJS). I want to run it by you before I create an issue
Basically, I have an AMD module that looks like define(["foo"], function(){ ... })
foo is System.define'd in a bundle
System.define("foo",'foo = {}')
The problem is that the define(["foo" is creating a load for "foo" on loader.loads
which supersedes the load that System.define -> asyncStartLoadPartwayThrough would normally create
so "foo" has no source
Justin Meyer
Feb 11 2015 00:17
trying with the latest / greatest before I submit an issue / test ....
@guybedford the tests have changed, they don't seem to run for me
test/test-traceur.html for example
Justin Meyer
Feb 11 2015 00:24
Anyone here run the test suite lately?
test-6to5.html works
Justin Meyer
Feb 11 2015 01:00
Guy Bedford
Feb 11 2015 10:14
@justinbmeyer what 404 are you getting in the tests?
did you npm install?
Matthew James Davis
Feb 11 2015 14:57
@samueljseay fyi, the repo associated with this SO question has been fixed:
Justin Meyer
Feb 11 2015 21:48
@guybedford yes, I npm installed
James Campos
Feb 11 2015 22:57
i've got modules a and b, which import each other, a running before b. i want to call a method on a from b, outside of any function, during b's initial execution. currently i get 'a is undefined'. is this possible?
James Campos
Feb 11 2015 23:24
eh, i just imported them both into a third module and passed references