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Feb 2015
Justin Meyer
Feb 13 2015 18:14
@guybedford have you tried running SystemJS in windows on node?
Feb 13 2015 18:29
I'm attempting to use 6to5ify, Browserify, and SystemJS. When I call gulp browserify, I get a number of errors about not being able to find modules in node_modules/systemjs/node_modules
I believe I have something setup incorrectly. when using Browserify- is System.js some type of transform I should be using? Currently I have it directly in the file that I'm attempting to browserify, and I'm running a transform on that when I browserify it with 6to5ify
Guy Bedford
Feb 13 2015 18:45
@justinbmeyer yes it's tested and working
@ProgrammerWithoutaName I haven't tried browserifying SystemJS personally
perhaps others have experience with this