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Feb 2015
Rafael Cardoso
Feb 16 2015 03:12
Hey guys, I was hoping i could get a help from you guys. I have been playing with systemjs, and I have a question. I have a standard array of scripts to be loaded. So i set the config baseURL to the folder which contains all the scripts. Thing is that i need to load another script which is not on the baseURL, and the ../../ doesnt work. Is there any way to make it work, or change the baseURL without compromising the one i already set?
Guy Bedford
Feb 16 2015 11:00
@rafaelfaria the baseURL always needs to be the lowest path level, and doesn't permit backtracking. This will be possible in future releases.
Tucker Watson
Feb 16 2015 21:09
I'm a bit confused with how the JSX plugin works. I've seen that 6to5 has JSX support built in, is there any way to use it for JSX+ES6 instead of the JSX plugin?