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Feb 2015
Guy Bedford
Feb 17 2015 11:28
I believe 6to5 compiles jsx fine by default, although some might argue it's not a valid separation of concerns. Put it this way - in an ES6 world, with SystemJS not running on a loader polyfill but the real thing, we'd have 6to5 in the translate step in the plugin phase compiling into ES6. So it probably makes more sense to run jsx as a plugin for SystemJS's use case.
Matthew Phillips
Feb 17 2015 13:23
Yeah use a plugin
It's going to be annoying if 6to5 starts doing a bunch of unwanted translation by default.
Tucker Watson
Feb 17 2015 13:29
ok, thanks guy and matthewp
Guy Bedford
Feb 17 2015 18:52
yes we should probably disable this by default in SystemJS because of the use case
I've created ModuleLoader/es6-module-loader#309