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Feb 2015
Andrew Popovych
Feb 28 2015 02:46
I didn't argue for babel's JSX support because it appeared faster for me to implement a plugin that works for me rather than waiting for a new version of System.js or modifying it by myself. Yet it took me about 5 hours to figure the whole thing out and I don't see how Babel's JSX working out of the box or being turned on by an option would hurt.
Justin Meyer
Feb 28 2015 16:49
@guybedford what do you mean by "not an optimal loading profile"
if you mean that you have to load config first ... I'm pretty confident that everyone is likely doing this already
for all but the most simple of applications
Justin Meyer
Feb 28 2015 17:14
And, it would be opt-in. So only people who need a configuration would load one, and presumably this would only happen in a "dev" environment.