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Mar 2015
Aleksandr Grenishin
Mar 05 2015 18:04
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This message was deleted
Mar 05 2015 22:53
How can I avoid adding all dependencies to my config.js? I've posted this as a question in StackOverflow so we can start improving Q&A on JSPM: (I posted this on jspm's gitter but have been told that this was the right place to discuss this topic)
Jon Stevens
Mar 05 2015 22:55
I only suggested here cause it seems like this is a systemjs/builder issue. It seems like extending the builder to output a minified (in that unused dependencies are removed) config.js would be a nice feature.
Mar 05 2015 22:58
I was wondering if wouldn't be enough to include only direct dependencies
"dependencies": {
"clean-css": "npm:clean-css@~3.0.10",
"fs": "^0.1.1",
"path": "^0.1.0"
or if these couldn't be included as dev-dependencies and skip adding any other entry to config.js