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Mar 2015
Mar 10 2015 00:31 UTC
I want to do something along the lines of, dev mode, load local dependency
prod mode, check and inject script tag with latest version
via a build
dev could be a build or just via system js in browser mode
any recommendations on how to achieve something like this?
Jon Stevens
Mar 10 2015 03:04 UTC
Hi all, I’ve been hard at work on a SystemJS/ES6/Babel/jspm/angular/react example seed project for the last few weeks and I’m at at point where I could use some feedback. Everything is working great and I’m really appreciative of the work done here. Feel free to email me directly latchkey@gmail, open issues or PM me on here. Thanks!
Matthew Phillips
Mar 10 2015 15:43 UTC
@danharper My stance is that by default an es6 transpiler should only transpiler es6. If you want the non-standard behavior it's configurable through System.traceurOptions and System.babelOptions. I think this is fair.
Dan Harper
Mar 10 2015 15:45 UTC
Yes, it is. My concern was that the configuration was blocked. But I see that's changed now so :+1: all good :)
Matthew Phillips
Mar 10 2015 15:46 UTC
i don't think it was ever blocked
traceurOptions was added back in November IIRC
and i'm pretty sure babelOptions since babel was added
Dan Harper
Mar 10 2015 15:47 UTC
I meant this:
Matthew Phillips
Mar 10 2015 15:48 UTC
oh, didn't know about that, cool
Mar 10 2015 23:40 UTC
What types of cyclic desp do systemjs support? Currenlty i get an error
Potentially unhandled rejection [1] Error: Cyclic dependency: "models/mymodel"
In my case two modules (CJS) both require each other, is it possible some how?