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Mar 2015
Mar 17 2015 10:05 UTC
Anyone had any luck on getting test coverage to work?
Dave Ackerman
Mar 17 2015 11:52 UTC
@rspi: haven't tried hooking up my tests yet.
Domenico Matteo
Mar 17 2015 12:45 UTC

Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time with the jsx plugin

This is my test code['jsx'] = '../jspm_packages/github/floatdrop/plugin-jsx@1.1.0/jsx';

    System.import('./MochaTestComponent/MochaTestComponent.jsx!jsx').then(function(m) {
      console.log('stuff', m);
    function(err) {

Problem is that the plugin is trying to pull react-tools from the project root:

Error loading "react-tools" at file:/Users/domo/projects/test/react-tools.js
Error loading "react-tools" from "jspm_packages/github/floatdrop/plugin-jsx@1.1.0/jsx" at file:/Users/domo/projects/test/jspm_packages/github/floatdrop/plugin-jsx@1.1.0/jsx.js
How can I tell him to pull it from node_modules ?