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Mar 2015
Marjan Georgiev
Mar 24 2015 13:55
Hi all. I am grouping my modules into several bundles - one of them being the main entry point of the app. Is there a way to group system.js and system.config.js into the main bundle, so I don't have to load them separately?
I've been trying concatenating the contents of the files and prepend them to the main bundle file, but that didn't seem to work.
Adrian Mitev
Mar 24 2015 15:18
how do you load your entry point?
Marjan Georgiev
Mar 24 2015 15:23
in a <script> tag
I want to remove those two lines, include both system.js and system.config.js into dist/app/app.js, and only load dist/app/app.js
i don't think there is a direct way to bundle systemjs in your module
Marjan Georgiev
Mar 24 2015 15:34
The problem with that is I have other bundles, not just that one, so I still need to use systemjs to load them. I could be wrong, but I don't think I can use bundleSFX in that case?
Guy Bedford
Mar 24 2015 16:32
@marjan-georgiev you're welcome to do your own concat process here, I know source maps may be a pain, but that can be worked out with a gulp task
the idea of including all bundles config in the common bundle makes a lot of sense
we may well be able to think about an option for this in future
but currently the thinking is that bundles are page-specific
bundle config being cached per page
note that the next update to jspm normalizes bundles by default, so map config in production isn't necessary unless you explicitly need dynamic loading / normalization
Marjan Georgiev
Mar 24 2015 16:57
@guybedford thanks, I'll keep trying to get it working with concatenation. Just wanted to make sure there's no better way to do it.
Jon Stevens
Mar 24 2015 19:32
yea for 0.16.0! will jspm be updated to use it soon too? =)