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Mar 2015
Mike Haas
Mar 27 2015 02:03
Is it possible to bundle systemjs modules/files into a single file?
Dave Ackerman
Mar 27 2015 14:37
anyone had any luck getting unit tests to run with Karma/SystemJS/Angular?
Mar 27 2015 14:39
@dmackerman I did something similar to this: Look at config/karma-spec-loader.config.js
Dave Ackerman
Mar 27 2015 14:59
nice. trying to get this working right now
could try this as well I guess
Dave Ackerman
Mar 27 2015 19:25
thanks dude
Dave Ackerman
Mar 27 2015 19:30
@lookfirst : are you missing some karma plugins in package.json?
Jon Stevens
Mar 27 2015 19:31
I use gulp-helpers, and I’ve declared the plugins in there. If you need a specific one added, send a PR.
One of the nice points of gulp-helpers is that you don’t have to constantly declare all your deps in your main project.