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Mar 2015
Adrian Mitev
Mar 30 2015 04:35
Is there a way to hook to System.load() in order to process the module after being loaded (besides monkey patching) ?
Vladislav Nezhutin
Mar 30 2015 06:10
Adrian Mitev
Mar 30 2015 06:36
@exe-dealer thx
Mar 30 2015 10:36
Please help me in my confusion
I discovered an issue describing my current problem: ttps://systemjs/systemjs#374 where they suspect that not SystemJs but babel is the culprit and in babel/babel#1022 they declare systemjs as the culprot with no follow-up issue
I'm using jspm 0.15.1 with System.Js 0.16.4 in my current test setup which should have the fix contained but I'm still running into the issue
Guy Bedford
Mar 30 2015 10:43
@hschmidt99 try running SystemJS 0.16.6
Mar 30 2015 11:29
Thx @guybedford , that of course solved the problem. I did a npm update and jspm update beforehand, but with all the recent jspm-cli and systemJS releases in such a short timeframe I think I will delete all my config/package.json-files the next time before I try an update..., sorry about that
Guy Bedford
Mar 30 2015 11:32
ok sure, glad its working
Mar 30 2015 13:48
Would it be hard to somehow load deps from npm instead of jspm with systemjs? (using the node_modules folder structure)?
Im trying to run tests with mocha's babel/register flag, which makes es6 to cjs.
Petr Krebs
Mar 30 2015 21:49
Hey guys, can I configure SystemJS to load multiple modules (defined as patterns) from the same single file? E.g., specify that esri/*, dojo/*, dijit/* all load from the same single .js file?
Also, is it possible to specify that ALL modules given by a pattern are in a specific module format? That is, use wildcards in the module format configuration?