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Apr 2015
Tamás Csaba
Apr 20 2015 11:16
Hy! Is there way to cache systemjs/builder modules which don't modify etc: vendors?
or automaticle create other bundle for ./jspm_packages modules
with regexp like: /^(?!.*jspm_packages)+.+.js$/ match files don't bundle
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Apr 20 2015 12:34
@guybedford hi, it would seem that the promise from System.import returns before the scripts are loaded globally in some cases. This doesn't happen locally but my server, obviously slower, doesn't finish sending all of the files I load before the promise returns. Can you confirm?
Guy Bedford
Apr 20 2015 13:33
@tamascsaba a bundle can be generated from the exclusion of your application code with the bundle expression app/**/* - [app/**/*]. That can then be maintained as a default base bundle in development to save rebuild times.
@Mosho1 that would only happen if you have a global script that doesn't have a shim correctly configured. For example an Angular plugin that isn't explicitly shimmed to be dependent on Angular
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Apr 20 2015 15:25
@guybedford I don't think that applies in this case. For example, I am loading rx.angular with System.import(script).then(() => angular.bootstrap(/*...*/)), and the bootstrapping throws saying rx module isn't found. if I use setTimeout with a sufficiently high delay it is resolved.
Tero Teelahti
Apr 20 2015 20:09
Should combining map and depCache be possible?
This is the scenario I'm trying, but it fails trying to load the aliases directly under /bower_components
    baseURL: '/bower_components/',
    paths: {
      'app/*': '/app/*.js',
      traceur: '/bower_components/traceur/traceur.min.js'
    map: {
      d3: 'd3/d3.min',
      nvd3: 'nvd3/build/nv.d3.min'
    depCache: {
      'app/app': ['nvd3'],
      'nvd3': ['d3']
If I change depCache to use full paths, it still fails --> Did not (yet) find a way to use both map and depCache
Guy Bedford
Apr 20 2015 23:34
yes depCache doesn't run map config, and assumes fully-normalized names
created systemjs/systemjs#412 to track