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May 2015
Eric Eastwood
May 08 2015 02:30
Why is an empty object inside config.js even after System.config({"map": {}})?
It seems to work just fine in this situation(assuming it works) and I can't find what is different.
May 08 2015 09:28
@guybedford im using the rtts_assert lib from the angular guys ! it works fine but so that I can use it i have to rename the file extensions from filename.es6 to filename.js . Is there in systemjs an option for this case, also without rename the file extension?
"rtts_assert/es6/src/rtts_assert.es6" to "rtts_assert/es6/src/rtts_assert.js"
May 08 2015 11:01
Does anyone have any experience with integrating SystemJS with a Gulp + Browserify + BabelJS workflow so that one could use System.import(), which Babel doesn't seem to support?
(For use in browser with ES6, if that was unclear. I've got the Gulp + Browserify + Babel working fine)
I'm thinking that it's not playing well with my bundling build step where it all gets squashed into one file - but I'm pretty new to all this
Shannon Moeller
May 08 2015 16:06
@josephrocca Is there a specific reason you need to use Browserify? You might want to consider jspm and the bundle-sfx option instead.
May 08 2015 16:16
@shannonmoeller No there isn't, jspm looks neat! Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look.