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May 2015
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
May 11 2015 12:10
@lookfirst yeah, I guess you could say that
but I think most references to flux nowadays refer to FB's implementation
Dave Ackerman
May 11 2015 20:07
running into a very weird issue when my code is bundled and minified - something becomes undefined, I inspected the bundle and everything looks fine
this bit of code:
System.register("app/", [], function(e) {
        function t(e, t, n, r, i, a, o, s) {
            o["angular-material"] = {
                formTpl: '<form class="editable-wrap"></form>',
                noformTpl: '<span class="editable-wrap"></span>',
                controlsTpl: '<div class="editable-controls"></div>',
                inputTpl: "<div></div>",
                errorTpl: "<div></div>",
                buttonsTpl: '<span class="editable-buttons"></span>',
                submitTpl: '<md-button type="submit" class="btn--lowercase btn--tiny md-primary">Save</md-button>',
                cancelTpl: '<md-button href="" class="btn--lowercase btn--tiny md-warn" ng-click="$form.$cancel()">Cancel</md-button>'
            }, s.theme = "angular-material", t.getAuthToken() && (n.defaults.headers.common["x-auth-token"] = t.getAuthToken()), e.setErrorInterceptor(function(e, t) {
                return 400 === e.status && ("Error: " +"bottom right")), t.reject(e)), (401 === e.status || 404 === e.status) && (t.reject(e), i.error("Resource not available...", e), r.go("login")), !1
        return e("default", t), {
            setters: [],
            execute: function() {
                "use strict";
                t.$inject = ["Restangular", "ksAuthenticationService", "$http", "$state", "$log", "$mdToast", "editableThemes", "editableOptions"]
says t.getAuthToken is not a function, although is very much is :worried:
may be more of a babel issue anyway.