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May 2015
Guy Bedford
May 22 2015 12:56
@lookfirst to get those polyfills that would require loading core-js/shim I believe?
Jonathan Liuti
May 22 2015 15:54
bringing my question from the jspm chan here, is there any trick to have the correct scope when using es6 classes with babel in chrome debugger breakpoints ?
eg: this in a $.ajax callback is evaluated to the xhr object in chrome debugger while being correctly evaluated to the es6 object in the regular flow.
important note: i'm using sourcemaps
Jonathan Liuti
May 22 2015 16:00
mmm digging a little bit more it seems the expected this can be found under t
that will make it for now :)
Jonathan Liuti
May 22 2015 16:21
it seems to be a bug :/
Paulo Oliveira
May 22 2015 21:41
hello, newbie @ systemjs, I was wondering can I use this with AngularJS?
Rob Wormald
May 22 2015 23:27
@poliveira89 yup, works great
Only thing you need to change is manually bootstrapping your ng app
I have a demo, sec