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May 2015
Daniel Dunderfelt
May 23 2015 19:58
anhone tried @geelen's jspm-server?
I cloned his typeslab example, jspm-server works perfectly there
but not in my own project -_-
the error is Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: loader is not defined
which comes from systemjs, but is called from jspm-server's change handler
Daniel Dunderfelt
May 23 2015 20:06
When I throw in his plugin-postcss it complains about the css files I import
again, the typeslab project works well in this aspect
I just can't pin down what I'm doing wrong
Glen Maddern
May 23 2015 23:15
@danieldunderfelt what version of SystemJS are you running
I'd love if you could submit an issue
I'm glad you're able to get TypeSlab running
Daniel Dunderfelt
May 23 2015 23:32
hi @geelen! I do a npm install -g jspm pretty often, so probably the newest one
jspm and jspm-server are the same for both typeslab and my project
So Iäm missing soemthing Typeslab itself does that my project doesn't do
I was amazed by Webpacks hot module replacement but I don't want to leave the comfy JSPM :P
I've also tried to get caspervonb/amok running but no luck there