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May 2015
Daniel Dunderfelt
May 24 2015 14:39
@geelen aight, an update! I noticed Typeslab doesn't use your plugin-live-jsx directly, but some protoversion of it. I removed it from my project and used the jsx.js file from Typeslab with its dependencies, and now I am one step further!
first it says Hot reloading Undefined!
and the error is Hot reloading Undefined!
Error: Undefined is not defined
Error loading "src/index" at
at execute (
at ensureEvaluated (
I console.logged the filename var in the jsx.js file, and it is indeed undefined
Paulo Oliveira
May 24 2015 15:23
@robwormald only the bootstrap? nothing else?
if it's possible to declare dependencies per "angular module", imagine:
for my HelloService I need depA and depC but for my StuffFactory I need depB and depC... can I describe this with systemjs per angularjs file? should I do that?
Nikhil Tilwalli
May 24 2015 20:58
I'm encountering a 404 for the system.js source map file. I'm using a fresh install of systemjs using the latest version of jspm/'jspm init' where the source map file for system.js is being requested from //# sourceMappingURL=dist/ It gets fixed when I change it to //# Is this expected?
May 24 2015 21:57
what is browser.js?
May 24 2015 22:12
it's 2.9 mb :(
May 24 2015 22:18
goodness im lost. thanks