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May 2015
May 30 2015 03:10
I see the browser is including System.js and es6-module-loader.js, yet i get the error 'require is not defined'. Am using babel as the transpiler. Which file is supposed to include require?
Riccardo Re
May 30 2015 07:35

Hello everyone, i have a question:
Is there a way to load programmatically a library as global.

For example by adding some parameters to the following call: System.import( 'LibWhichShouldBeLoadedAsGlobal' );

I am tryng to import this library: but it seems the only way is by using it as a global.
Howewer, for how it's written, systemJS try to use it differently and find different anonymous declared modules

I think I found the answer :) just added the format in the librarys as described here:
Anton Moiseev
May 30 2015 12:36
Hi. Is it possible to configure the path for es6-module-loader.js?