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Jun 2015
Jun 17 2015 10:54
@guybedford Thanks Guy! I see now installing jspm through npm still uses SystemJS@0.16
Jun 17 2015 11:36
Not sure how I can make a cloned instance work with a generated config.js file hmm
Maeoll Kim
Jun 17 2015 11:50
if it helps, you can add many System.configs and they won’t overwrite each other
Anton Wilhelm
Jun 17 2015 12:29
This message was deleted
Guy Bedford
Jun 17 2015 12:50
@PeterKnight npm install jspm@beta is the way to install to the beta
which uses the latest SystemJS
Maeoll Kim
Jun 17 2015 13:57
I'm using Angular 1.3 with SystemJS and I'm getting an error from this file: and the error is "Error: (intermediate value).prototype is undefined"
anyone know what this means?
Jun 17 2015 15:03
@abyss-outpost don't suppose you have an example of multiple configs?
@guybedford Thanks Guy, beta is working for me now
Maeoll Kim
Jun 17 2015 15:05
@PeterKnight: the default config.js file has multple configs: XD
dont mind the name
Robert Baker
Jun 17 2015 15:08
Anyone using the jspm beta and typescript that has a working project that can share the relevant code? Mine doesn't work. System js doesn't load my app
Hans van den Akker
Jun 17 2015 15:43
Did you try a hello world APP?
Jun 17 2015 16:07
@abyss-outpost :D
Maeoll Kim
Jun 17 2015 17:00
Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong with this ES6 Angular 1 directive?