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Jun 2015
Jayson Harshbarger
Jun 18 2015 08:14
Does anyone know if SystemJS builder can combine two directory trees? For example I have a base/components directory and a myapp/components directory that get combined by browserSync (looks like one directory in browser).
Essentially I'm trying to keep a clean separation between the template project and my additions.
@abyss-outpost Is your $inject misplaced? Should be Resize.directiveFactory.$inject =... ?
Maeoll Kim
Jun 18 2015 09:29
@Hypercubed trying that...
got Resize is undefined
Jayson Harshbarger
Jun 18 2015 10:09
@abyss-outpost It's not clear what you are trying to do.
Maeoll Kim
Jun 18 2015 15:22
@Hypercubed i’m just trying to create a custom directive boilerplate
Robert Baker
Jun 18 2015 16:33
@abyss-outpost use ng-decorate, much nicer! Mitranim/ng-decorate
Jun 18 2015 17:55
got things working now with my multi instance setup (for a WordPress environment), pretty stoked!