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Jun 2015
Maeoll Kim
Jun 22 2015 06:29
@Zoltu just because there isn’t systemjs in the file doesn’t mean it’s not used elsewhere. Yes, my problem is with using import {foo} from bar with this file.
@Zoltu since the import {foo} from bar works fine, the issue is with this file. I need to configure it propoerly to be accepted by systemjs
@robwormald hey do you have a minute to accept Angularjs/Systemjs into your life?
Ev Dolzhenko
Jun 22 2015 11:20
hello! I'm trying to debug my SystemJS configuration, is there anything that can help me? Some kind of verbose/debug mode
basically I have a module that is configured with deps in meta block but it seem to have no effect
Mike Joyce
Jun 22 2015 12:12
+1 to @dolzenko 's question
Guy Bedford
Jun 22 2015 22:20
@dolzenko deps support is only supported for global and legacy module formats