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Jul 2015
Dave Ackerman
Jul 02 2015 16:56
thanks for that @amcdnl !
Sebastien Dubois
Jul 02 2015 17:41
@enlait I personally use Gulp and do it in two steps: #1 ES6 -> ES5 & #2: systemjs builder to create a self-contained bundle: &
Dave Ackerman
Jul 02 2015 18:01
anyone seen the issue with SystemJS 0.18.4 where it tries to load imports that use the !text plugin with a .js extension?
http://localhost:8080/app/.../feedback-group-modal.tpl.html.js 404 (Not Found)
oh. I need that extensions thing!
Jordan Weitz
Jul 02 2015 20:52
I am getting Access-Control-Allow-Origin errors when moving from require to System.amdRequire:

``` _require(["//";], function(){console.log("here")});

localRequire(deps, callback, errback)
VM34286:2 here
require(["//";], function(){console.log("here")});

(index):1 XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. Uncaught (in promise) :
Error loading```

Peter Müller
Jul 02 2015 21:47
Looks like this issue has the answers to cors problems: systemjs/systemjs#225