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Jul 2015
Rob Wormald
Jul 09 2015 03:22
@Hypercubed nice, ill check it out
Dominic Chambers
Jul 09 2015 08:26
Hi @guybedford, not sure if you've seen this comment, given that it was to a closed issue?
Marjan Georgiev
Jul 09 2015 16:42

hi all, after upgrading to systemjs 0.18.4 and systemjs-builder , I'm seeing this error with AMD modules when I bundle my app:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: AMD module http://localhost/lib/countUp/countUp.js did not define

anyone else noticed that? It used to work before the upgrade
Davis Kim
Jul 09 2015 21:10
anyone know how to use es7 with systemjs?
Davis Kim
Jul 09 2015 21:23
i want to use async/await