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Jul 2015
Dominic Chambers
Jul 10 2015 08:07
@davis, can you describe in what way it's not working. It's not obvious to me that it wouldn't since Babel (with the help of regenerator) transpiles the code to ES5.
Is it just that you are not using Babel (i.e. you are using Traceur), or that you have not enabled the experimental transpilations?
Davis Kim
Jul 10 2015 16:52
ah, @dchambers so does it just work byt default?
Will LaBranche
Jul 10 2015 17:50
I'm likely doing something wrong, but does anyone know why import { Dispatcher } from 'flux'; sets Dispatcher to undefined, but import Dispatcher from 'flux', behaves as expected? Using babel and babel-runtime. I'm just trying this out, I'm likely doing something very wrong/dumb.
Davis Kim
Jul 10 2015 21:50
is Dispatcher the default export or is it a named export?
Rob Wormald
Jul 10 2015 23:15
@davis re: your ES7 question, if its a feature babel supports, you can selectively enable it in your config.js
Davis Kim
Jul 10 2015 23:16
ah, okay thanks @robwormald ! any idea what i put exactly?
see the babelOptions section there
then reference babel's website and choose the stuff you want
stage:1 as above there should enable all stage 1 features (async inclded)
or you can selectively enable them
Davis Kim
Jul 10 2015 23:28
ah thanks!!