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Jul 2015
Peter Müller
Jul 13 2015 10:55 UTC
What do people do for unit testing and code coverage with systemjs?
Marjan Georgiev
Jul 13 2015 11:46 UTC
@guybedford I'm seeing an error after building AMD modules with systemjs-builder v0.12.2. They used to load fine before. Is this a known issue?
Uncaught (in promise) Error: AMD module http://localhost/swimlane/dist/app/app.js did not define
Guy Bedford
Jul 13 2015 12:07 UTC
@marjan-georgiev can you share a test case at all here?
would help, there may have been a regression
Marjan Georgiev
Jul 13 2015 13:34 UTC
@guybedford here's a test case for the AMD issue: Swimlane/angular-systemjs-seed#39
Peter Müller
Jul 13 2015 14:06 UTC
I have some crappy old modules that require Backbone to be exposed as a global. But my backbone module doesn't do that. How do I shim this so it works?
"lib/backbone/backbone-super": {
  format: 'global',
  deps: ['backbone']
This doesn't work
Peter Müller
Jul 13 2015 14:25 UTC
Well, it works in that the relevant dependencies are loaded. But it looks like backbone-super is evaluated before the dependencies are, so it throws an error.
And I still have the problem that can't figure out how to configure that Backbone is leaked to the global scope to this module will be able to load
Peter Müller
Jul 13 2015 14:33 UTC
@guybedford Ah. I must be blind :P
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Jul 13 2015 20:09 UTC
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